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Hela Sarana - COVID 19 Phase 2 & Lady Ridgeway Children Hospital (LRCH) Appeal


Founded in 1996, Hela Sarana is one of the longest running registered Sri Lankan Charities in the United Kingdom (Charity Reg No.1093504). Run entirely by a dedicated group of volunteers living in the United Kingdom, its goal has always been to engage directly with communities living in extremely arduous conditions and in some of the most inhospitable terrain and in remote areas across the length & breadth of the Island undergoing unimaginable suffering and serious hardships without much assistance.

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Dear Donors, Sponsors, Supporters & Friends

We are in no doubt that every Sri-Lankan here in the UK and globally is fully aware of the rapidly evolving & worsening COVID 19 second wave which is gripping the country. Needless to emphasise the effects of the current situation, which is stretching the health service to its very limit and the urgent need for essential medical supplies to meet the ever-increasing demand amidst thousands of confirmed infections every day over the last fortnight remains critical.

There is a noticeable 5-10fold increase in the infection rate from the first wave paving the way to a spiralling adverse impact on the services leading to a massive demand for essential medical supplies needing rapid replenishment.

Helasarana (HS), who had always been in the forefront of every major natural disaster that had engulfed our treasured motherland from Tsunami to numerous major floods, mud & landslides over the 20 years and the recent heinous Easter Sunday Terror attack and COVID 19 1st wave, is making every endeavour to support the ongoing emergency relief effort by committing in excess of £15,000 to 3 main hospitals and to a well-known Sri Lankan charity organisation in the UK in addition to £2500 donation already made to another Sri Lankan charity organisation in support of their initiative to supply “Pulse Oximeters” to a number of hospitals.

Our lead co-ordinators are maintaining a constructive dialogue with leading hospitals in Gampaha with the 2nd highest intake of COVID patients, Colombo South Hospital in Kalubowila & Ragama Hospital. Subject to their specific requirements, we have allocated funds to supply the following emergency medical supplies to the said hospitals & to another Leading Charity and further £5500 to purchase a vital piece of medical equipment to the Lady Ridgeway Children Hospital in Colombo:

COVID 19 Emergency Medical Relief

A) Colombo South Hospital – Kalubowila (Total Cost £6200)

1 No: HFNC Unit (High Flow Nasal Cannula System + Breathing Tubes)

6 No: Compact O2 Regulators

B) Gampaha Hospital (Total cost £4200)

2 No: Variable Positive Air Pressure (VPAP) Devices C/W UPS package

C) Ragama Hospital (Total Cost £2000)

200 No: Non-Breathing Masks

50 No: Nasal Cannulae

D) £3000 Donation to a Leading Sri Lankan Charity in the UK for ongoing COVID 19 Initiatives

Capital Project- Lady Ridgeway Hospital

Supply of 1 No Video Laryngoscope @ Rs 1, 500,000/= (£5500)

Given the sheer scale and the nature of the evolving & deteriorating situation; the greatest challenge facing us since the devastating 2004 Tsunami, my fervent belief is that it is incumbent upon all of us individually & collectively to do everything possible and practical to provide every ounce of assistance to the ongoing Emergency Medical Relief Efforts to bring about a semblance of order & control the situation to alleviate the suffering of the masses.

We admit & recognise the impact on every family during the unprecedented Pandemic and how supportive you have been, not only to Helasarana but to many other fundraising campaigns throughout this difficult period despite huge financial & other constraints. However, on behalf of HS I implore you, to dig deeper to support this appeal to raise much needed funds to provide additional support to the overstretched medical services, where all medical & non- medical staff are working selflessly through day & night to save lives.

Every pound you donate, will go a long way to purchase vital medical supplies to help ever increasing number of COVID victims. Please support our latest initiative to mobilise more funds over and above the £22,500 we have already committed to the ongoing efforts. Your contribution will have a significant impact to this appeal.

We are clearly reaching out for your financial support to meet the desperate of needs of fellow Sri Lankans back home. If you can help, please make your donation either via Virgin Money or online or forward a cheque drawn in favour of Helasarana to:

Jayantha Silva

61 Fordbridge Road, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 2SS

For Virgin Money, please go to WWW. Helasrana.Org / Virgin Money- Ref: COVID Phase 2

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Online Transfer - Helasarana, Sort Code: 20-44-22 , Account No: 60424056

Or Our Sri Lanka Account: Helasarana

Bank of Ceylon Gampaha Branch, Account No: 837180, Swift Code: BCEYKLX

Ref: COVID Phase 2

On behalf of Helasarana, I most earnestly request you to share this appeal / initiative with your extended family and friends.

Your continued support to HS is very much appreciated & valued by every member of the Executive Committee.

Yours Sincerely

Jayantha Silva


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