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Urgent Appeal to Support Sri Lankans affected by the latest outbreak of COVID-19

As the lockdown in the United Kingdom gradually eases and we get back to a sense ofnormality, the COVID situation in Sri Lanka is, alarmingly, rapidly escalating. At thetime of writing, Sri Lanka has 2429 new cases today alone - the highest number sincethe Pandemic first hit in February 2020. Deaths have reached nearly 900 . We at,Medical Aid to Sri Lanka, want to act urgently to help our friends and family backhome.

There is an urgent need for various equipment to help tackle the escalating crisis. This equipment includes:

1) Beds to care for the increased number of patients needing help in the Intensive CareUnits

2) Pulse oximeters to help doctors monitor their patients’ oxygen levels

3) BiPAP machines are needed to help push pressurised air into patients’ lungs, whenthey are too sick to be able to breathe fully themselves.

Medical Aid to Sri Lanka hopes to raise a total of £10,000 by the end of next week, inorder to meet the urgent need for this crucial equipment. We appeal to you, asfriends and supporters of our organisation for many years now, to come forward andhelp our motherland in her hour of need. The equipment will be sent to Chilaw andIranawila Hospitals.

If you are able to help, please make your donations using the following links: OR

We endeavour to continue to strongly support our counterparts in Sri Lanka incontrolling the virus. Your help has never been more appreciated. As the chaossomewhat eases in the United Kingdom, please spare a thought for our friends andfamily back home for whom the chaos might have only just begun for.

We wish the best health for all of your friends and family,

The Medical Aid to Sri Lanka Committee

Urgent Appeal to Support Sri Lankans affected by the latest outbreak of COVID-19

As the new wave of COVID-19 pandemic has affected Sri Lanka with a rapidly rising infection rate, there is a growing demand for essential medical supplies.

In addition, the ongoing travel restrictions in parts of the country have affected many families relying on daily wages.

In response to the current crisis APSL is launching an urgent fundraising campaign to provide essential medical supplies to hospitals and dry rations to families in need.

APSL already pledged support to the SLMDA appeal to provide oximeters to Sri Lankan Hospitals. Initial funds raised through the APSL fundraising campaign will be allocated for this urgent requirement.

We are reaching out to you for your kind donations to help our fellow Sri Lankans in this hour of need. Please donate via Virgin Money Giving or Facebook, using the links below.

Virgin money giving -

Facebook -

Dear Devotees and Friends in Dhamma, Donation to Sri Lanka

The resident Rev. Monks and the Managements Committee of The Buddhist Community Centre Letchworth (BCCL) have agreed to support a hospital in Sri Lanka to provide with PPE items.

We would kindly appeal to all our devotees to join in by contributing what ever that you could afford to raise funds to buy these items. Appreciate if you could please transfer the funds direct to our temple bank account as follows.

Bank account - No. 90444103

Short Code - 20-41-12

Name of A/C - The Buddhist Community Centre Letchworth

Reference - Donate SL

All being well we plan to transfer what ever the total funds collected by the mid of May. We look forward to receiving your support in this worthy cause.

With Metha,

The Management Committee (BCCL)

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