Sri Lankan Mosque "Masjid Al Jannah"  in Slough, Berkshire open day huge success
Press Release

Masjid Al Jannah in Slough, Berkshire, was one of about 150 mosques around the UK to participate in Visit My Mosque Day on Sunday 5th February 2017. The day was organised by the Muslim Council of Britain to help Muslims reach out to fellow Britons, explain their faith, answer questions from people of other faiths or no faith at all and help dispel myths and misconceptions surrounding Islam.

Slough Mayor Arvind Dhaliwal was full of praise of all the initiative taken by  the Masjidul Jannah since it open the doors to the Muslims in slough the mosque has played a major role in the society and bringing all other faiths to the mosque was the right step in the right direction and advised the parents teachers and the elders to be vigilant on what their children doing and guide them in the right path in the society to be useful citizens.

Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to the UK, Amari Wijewardene, told that she heard a lot about Masjidul Jannah and its successful charitable ventures in the recent past she is delight to take part as the Chief Guest on the open day and thanked the mosque management for inviting her she went on to say how important to understand each other's faith and religion, getting to know their cultural values too could break the ice of ignorance of each others faiths moreover I am delighted so many other faiths have come on a Sunday to involve and involve to get to know each others faiths this is surely an amazing experience. She concluded wishing the mosque and its management all the very best and good luck.

Mohamed Anees the hardworking President of Masjidul Jannah welcomed the distinguished guests and visitors with open arms and went on to say that this mosque have broken the ice on how the mosques should be operated, we have broken all traditions and working towards the need of the day and this mosque is open to all faiths 365 days a year he was bold enough to say that he is the servant of Allah and I visit the mosque at least twice a day if not more to make sure that everything goes according to plan and looking after everything is in order. He takes the responsibility of such magnitude of being the president of the most popular Mosque in the region as passion and treat any duty towards the mosque as his own and make sure that he always hands-on. He went on to thank all the organisations and institutions made the open day a huge success for the third consecutive year and invited everyone to Sri Lankan hospitality of Tea, Coffee and refreshments and enjoy the Exhibition.

Faleel Marikkar went on to say that the young and dynamic management team of Masjid Al Jannah have done a remarkable job in reaching out to non muslims and stressing the importance of co-existence with other faiths and opening the mosques to other faith with a feel free attitude to ask any questions to know the true facts of what is Islam all about, Marikkar also pin pointed the dynamic role played by the young London born 26 year old Imam Ousman Ansarry, who is versatile personality with wealth of knowledge on all aspect of life and helps with open arms to everyone who comes with family problems, financial issues and many more he does console every one of them with his professional guidance not only as a Imam of a popular mosque but even as fellow human being most people in the community look upon him for guidance and advice this is not only Sri Lankan brothers and sisters but to everyone of all faiths that is the beauty of this great Imam and the mosque, that's why this mosque has surpassed all expectations and have now become the most popular mosque in the region. Every one from the taxi driver to the doctor, young and the old all have something to say about this mosque. This is truly a mosque with a agenda of community service rather just for prayers. This mosque also have an annual event for sports socialising in a open environment beyond the Mosque where all family's with children enjoy the whole day with various sport activities for children and adults with mouthwatering authentic food festival with live cooking all families of all faith have gala time within the frame wok and principles of Islam concluded  Faleel Marikkar.


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