Sri Lanka Leukaemia Foundation (UK)  10th Annual General Meeting

Press Release

The 10th Annual General meeting of Sri Lanka Leukaemia Foundation (UK Registered Charity with HMRC) was held on 22nd January 2017 at the residence of a committee member at Tolworth,   Surrey. The President Narada Wijayatilake welcomed the committee members present, and immediately followed by the Secretary presenting the minutes of the AGM of 2016, followed by the Treasurer’s report. The main thrust of the meeting was to meet our commitments to raise funds for the Apeksha Hospital Maharagama.

The following members were unanimously elected to hold office for the year 2017

PRESIDENT; Dr. Narada Wijayatilake
Hon.SECRETARY; Asoka Disanayake
TREASURER; Sirini Nizar
ASST.SECRETARY; Nevomal Fernando

Murtaza Ali Kaderbhoy
Faiz Nizar
Ranjani Perera
Charmaine Wijayatilake
Jeeva Disanayake
Surangani Amaratunge (Liaison Officer in Sri Lanka)

 The President in his speech highlighted that year 2016 was a landmark year for the association as we made one of the highest collections from our annual dinner dance, and  thanked the committee members for their dedication and unstinting effort and to John Kern for his hard work in making the event a great success . Also his sincere thanks went to all well wishes and guest who have participated in SLLF(UK) fund raising events.

 The President thanked Asoka Disanayake for his advice and hard work in keeping the association  together and keeping our records. He also thanked our ever vigilant Sirini Nizar for keeping the association money safe and Faiz Nizar for drafting our official documents. And also special thanks to Ranjani and Perry for providing a permanent venue over the years for SLLF(UK) meetings.

 The President also mentioned year 2016 was a landmark year for the MCI (Maharagama Cancer Institute) with the opening of the new Apeksha Wing.  The hospital is now named as Apeksha Hospital Maharagama. The SLLF(UK) was represented at the ceremony by John Kern who met his own expenses and Surangani Amaratunge the liaison officer of the association in Sri Lanka.

 Also towards the end of 2016 the association agreed to support a new project to expand the existing endoscopy unit from one suite to two suites. The association have already transferred £8000 towards this project to MCI Account at Bank of Ceylon Sri Lanka

 Attached are some images of the extension of the endoscopy unit which were taken by The SLLF(UK) President during his recent visit to the Apeksha Hospital Maharagama with Charmain Wijayatilake and Surangani.

For more information of SLLF(UK) please visit our website www.sllfuk.com and click on “projects” and then “new projects”. Lastly the President thanked the committee in having confidence in him and reappointing him for another term.

 Many other plans and priorities for the future were discussed at the meeting. The meeting was adjourned with delicious lump rice supplied by Roistan Caterers, paid out of the committee’s own pocket.

 THE SRI LANKA LEUKEAEMIA FOUNDATION (UK) is holding their 10th year anniversary Annual Dinner Dance on Saturday 20th May 2017. at the C&L Country Club , Northolt Middlesex.

John KernEvents Coordinator,
Sri Lanka Leukaemia Foundation(uk)
Website; www.sllfuk.com
Telephone: 07958562046 


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