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The Old Boys Association (OBA, UK branch), of Batticaloa, Methodist Central College celebrated their School's 202 Years' Anniversary Dinner and Dance 2016
Press Release - Pictures by Praneeth Hettiarachchi

The Old Boys Association (OBA, UK branch), of Batticaloa, Methodist Central College celebrated their School's 202 Years' Anniversary Dinner and Dance 2016 at Oakington Manor Primary School, on Saturday the 22nd of October 2016. The UK branch of this Old Boys' Association was established  in 2014, during the Bicentenary Anniversary of their Alma Mater. Since then, the OBA has helped their school in numerous projects. 

The celebration was exceptionally successful with over 250 people attending; which included former teachers, past pupils, friends, families and well wishers. The Chief Guest for the event was Mr. Pankajachelvan( Managing Director of Regent Group and a former student of MCC ), who proudly attended and inaugurated the ceremony with the lighting of the traditional oil lamp. He enlightened the minds of all those who were present, through his truly inspirational speech. Many other guests came from all around the country to participate in this eventful evening.

Mrs. Buwaneswari Ramakirisna (Former Teacher of MCC ), Mrs. Thevakirupa Lewis Sinnaiah (Former Teacher of MCC ),  Mrs. Suneethra Ketheeswararajah (Former Teacher of MCC ), and Mr. Kokul Kumaraswamy (President of MCC OBA, North America) were some of the notable guests to grace the occasion. The Executive Committee members delightfully welcomed the guests and offered hospitality. The OBA, UK branch's  President Mr. Senduran Sampanthamoorthy, in his thought-provoking speech, acknowledged the importance of the past pupils' gathering and being united to invest in the future development of our children's educational and co-educational activities.

Batticaloa, Methodist Central College was founded by Rev. William Ault in 1814. Mr. Simon Sawyers, the Collector of Revenue at that time, welcomed Rev. W. Ault and encouraged him to open this English school in Sri Lanka. A large store room, which had probably been one of the Customs' Warehouses in the town, was  granted for this purpose by Mr. Sawyers. There were just five students at the inception, out of which three were orphan sons of two British soldiers, who had died from an epidemic of fever, while the other two were boys of the locality - namely, one of them was Rajakarier Daniel Somanader, who is the great grandfather of Dr. S. V. O. Somanader who later went on to become  the first Sri Lankan Principal of Batticaloa Methodist Central College. At the time of Rev. Ault's demise, on the 1st of April 1815, there were forty students in the first school he founded. Prior to his decease, he wrote a hymn which is sung on the 29th of June every year, to mark the early years of the Methodist Mission. His Excellency, the President of Sri Lanka, Honourable Mr. Maithripala Sirisena, had visited the College in order to be a part of the celebrations in August 2016 and unveiled the Rev. Ault memento, which was remarkable.

Today, the college has produced numerous doctors, engineers, politicians, accountants, film stars, entrepreneurs, directors and many others who work nationally and internationally. Methodist Central College Old Boys Association's secretary, Mr. Nanthacumar Sivaganeshar, concluded the celebrations with a sincere Vote of Thanks, which highlighted gratitude and appreciation to each and everyone who was gathered, supported unconditionally through their time and effort  and have generously sponsored and contributed financially to their beloved college.


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