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North London Katina Ceremony, Abhayarama Meditation Centre, Enfield
Press Release

The annual Katina Ceremony 2016, organized by Abhayarama Meditation Centre, Enfield was held on 13th of November 2016 at St. Michael’s Primary School, Enfield. As usual, many devotees attached to the temple were gathered to succeed this valuable event.

This time there were many sponsors for Katina ceremony 2016 and, as a result, many children and adults could join and collect merits throughout the three months of retreat.

The Katina day commenced with the meritorious traditional activity which consists of Katina robe was brought to the temple by Katina sponsors before sunrise.  Colourful Katina procession was organized and conducted with the participation of children, teachers and parents of Sri Sobhitha Dhamma School along with other devotees attached to the temple. Katina robe was sewed by devotees and finally, offered to all the monks who participated to the event.


Five Venerable Buddhist monks presented to this occasion as Royal Pandit Most Ven. Panamure Thapassee Thero – The Chief Monk of Abhayarama Vidarshana Meditation Centre, Enfield; Royal Pandit Ven. Henegama Sobhitha Thero; Ven. Dr. Burumaye Kumuda Thero; Ven. Nepalaye Sumana thero and Ven. Borelle Athula Thero.

Event was conducted by Royal Pandit Ven. Panamure Thapassee thero and, guest speeches were done by Mr. Aruna K. Gamage – Senior Lecturer of University of Kelaniya, Ven. Nepalaye Sumana Thero – Buddhist teacher for a school based in London and Most Ven. Borelle Athula Thero – Prominent dhamma speaker in Sri Lanka. Dr. Rukman Jayapala did the vote of thanks at the end of the ceremony to thanks everyone who gave their enormous support to make this event successful.

Over 350 devotees attended to this Katina celebration and, all were entertained with various delicious foods. 


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