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Annual Kathina ceremony of Ketumati Buddhist Vihara Manchester
Press Release - Pictures by Indika Daswatta

The annual Katina Ceremony of Ketumati Buddhist Vihara – Manchester was held on Sunday the 13th November amidst a large gathering of devotees, under the very able guidance of the Head Monk of the Vihara the Most Ven .Pidiville Piyathissa Maha Thero. This was the 17th Kathina Ceremony of the Ketumati Buddhist Vihara and this year’s Kathina ceremony was sponsored by Dr. Wilson Ranawikrama, Mrs. Pushpa Ranawikrama family together with Dr. Sarath Perera and Mr Kusal Ariyawansa family.

The ceremony was attended by 10 Buddhist monks from both Sri Lankan and Thai Buddhist temples in the area. The Head Monk of Wolverhampton Thai temple The Most Ven Maha Samboon Thero presided the participating monks along with Ven. Abhisanpasanno ,Ven. Theldeniyaye Amittha Thero, the head monk of Santhi Buddhist Vihara in Nottingham, Mapalagama Soratha Thero,Tissapura Sugatharathana Thero, Panamure Rahula Thero from Birmingham Jethavana Vihara and Ven Phra Maha Phurimedhee from the Thai temple Manchester.

The two resident monks of Kethumati Buddhist Vihara, Ven Galpottayaye Pemananda Thero and Udunuwara Indarathana Thero guided the devotees from the very beginning to make sure the smooth running of the programme scheduled for the day under the watchful eye of Ven Pidiville Piyatissa thero.

The ceremony started with the magnificent Katina procession organized by the students, teachers and the parents of the three Dhamma schools lead by Ketumati Buddhist Vihara in Manchester ,Stoke On Trent and Leeds. Religious activities of the morning session started with the welcome speech by most Ven.Pidiwille Piyatissa Maha Thero, the head monk of Ketumati Buddhist Vihara and administering of five precepts by Ven. Tissapura Sugatharathana Thero leading to the offering of Sanghika Dana and Punnyanumodana later.

Soon after receiving Dana by the monks, the afternoon session was started by the offering of “Kathina Civara” (robe) and it was conducted by Ven. Teldeniyaye Amitha Thero from Nottingham Shanthi Buddhist Vihara. He delivered a Dhamma sermon in Sinhala signifying the importance of the “Vassana retreat” and the sermon in English was delivered by Ven. Udunuwara Indarathana Thero targeting the very young devotees of Ketumati Buddhist Vihara again delivering the importance of the ‘Vassana Retreat”.

With the vote of thanks by Ven.Galpottayaye Pemananda Thero of Kethumati Buddhist Vihara , and blessings by the Mahasangha, the 2nd Annual Katina ceremony held at the new Vihara premises was concluded around 1.30 pm with lunch served to everybody who joined the religious activities of the Kathina ceremony.

This is the 17th Kathina Ceremony and the Kathina Cevara offered to the Maha Sangha by Dr. Wilson and Mrs. Pushpa Ranawikrama family together with Dr. Sarath Perera and Mr Kusal Ariyawansa.


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