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London Buddhist Vihara 2016 Kathina Ceremony
Press Release - Photographs by Tissa Madawela

Annual Kathina ceremony of the London Buddhist Vihara was held on 6th November 2016, under the able guidance of the Head of the Vihara and Chief Sangha Nayake of Great Britain Most Venerable Bogoda Seelawimala Nayake Thero.

This year's Kathina ceremony was sponsored by Mr and Mrs Priyantha and Visakha Botejue, their daughter Ruwani and son-in-law Sanjaya from United States. 

Adhering to the Buddhist tradition and under the guidance of Venerable Konwawe Ariyaratana thero, the family prepared the Kathina robe with the assistance of Visakha's sister Hema Wijjesinghe. 

The event was participated by a large gathering of Venerable Maha Sangha from various temples in the UK, including Redbridge Buddhist Vihara, East London Lumbini Buddhist Vihara,  Letchworth Buddhist Vihara, Scotland Buddhist Vihara and Samadhi Meditation Centre in Edmonton. 

Venerable Mapalagama Buddhasiri Nayaka Thero from Sri Lanka, Venrable Britanniyaye Kassapa Thero from UK and Venerable Dedunupitiye Upananda Thero from United States also attended the event.

The High Commissioner for Sri Lanka in the United kingdom Her Excellency Mrs. Amari Wijewardena and a large number of Sri Lankan and British devotees also took part in the Pinkama.

Prior to the commencement of the ceremony, Sinhala and English copies of the book "Dhammacakka Pavathana Sutta" (first sermon of the Buddha) edited by Ven.Konwawe Ariyaratana Thero, was distributed to the large crowd attended. 

The carefully prepared Kathina robe was brought to the Vihara in a simple and elegant procession.

Conducting the ceremony Venerable Seelawimala Nayake Thero and Dedunupitiye Upananda Thero explained the history and the significance of Kathina robe. Once the offering was made to the participating Sangha, Venerable Thawalama Bandula Thero announced that Venerable Ariyaratana Thero deserved to receive this year Kathina robe. Having accepted the Kathina robe Venerable Ariyaratana Thero gave his Anusasana and thanked the sponsors and expressed his delight at receiving the Katina Robe. Thereafter, the Botejue family, their relatives and friends offered the requisites (Pirikara) to the Maha Sangha.

During transferring of merits to the devotees, Venerable Thawalama Bandula Thero thanked all the families who looked after the resident Maha Sanga at the Vihara during three months Vassana period. The Venerable Sangha headed by Venerable Mapalagama Buddhasiri Nayake Thero chanted Dhammacakka Pavattana Sutta to bless the devotees. 

The family expressed their appreciativeness and gratitude to the Venerable Maha Sangha, every one who helped in various ways to make this year's Kathina Ceremony a success and to all who participated on the day.


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