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The Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Centre’s Kathina Ceremony in London
Press Release - Photographs by Saman Kumara and Upul Abeysinghe

The Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Centre’s Kathina Ceremony took place over the last weekend. The ATAVISI PUJAVA, the ancient tradition of paying homage to the 28 past Buddhas, took place on Saturday 22nd October 2016. At 6.30 pm hundreds of devotees, all dressed in white, started offering Atapirikara, Robes and Trays of Buddha Pujas to the various Buddhas they sponsored. HE Sugeeshwara Gunaratna, Deputy High Commissioner of Sri Lanka, gracing the occasion, accompanied the Karanduwa to the rostrum to start the proceedings. The Pujava was conducted by Venerable Uduwe Dhammaloka Thero of the Alan Mathiniramaya, who also delivered a thoughtful and educative Dhamma Talk on the central, pivotal role of mindfulness in Buddhism. The asanas itself (dais where the statues of the past Buddhas were placed) was superbly decorated and lit, by a hard working group of young devotees of SSIBC.


On Sunday 23rd October the material for the Kathina Robe were ceremonially brought to the Vihara at 6.30 am and the offering was received at the Temple by Ven. (Dr) Handupelpola Mahinda Nayaka Thero. After the Buddha Puja and Vandana, the Eight Precepts was administered by Venerable Dr Akuratiye Nanda Sangha Nayaka Thero of the Western Province, Sri Lanka followed by the Dhammadesana. Thereafter Ven. Paragahakele Nalaka Maha Thero, Director of the Medikele Mudita International Buddhist Centre, Ingiriya, Sri Lanka also delivered a Dhamma sermon. The Meditation Session was conducted by Dr Senevi Athurupana, the Buddhist Chaplain to HM Prisons. The Buddha Pujava was conducted by Ven. Nepal Sumana Thero.


The Dhamma discussion participants were Ven. (Dr) Akuretiye Nanda Thero; Ven. (Dr) Degalle Mahinda Thero, Reader and Lecturer, Study of Religions, Bath Spa University, Bath; and Ven. Nepal Sumana Thero.


The Kathina Civara Pujava took place at 3.30 pm and the robe was unanimously presented to Ven. Nepal Sumana Thero by the Sangha who observed Vas at the Temple.


The main sponsors of the Vas were members of the Lumbini Nepal Buddha Dharma Society (UK) and Members of the SSIBC Dayaka Sabha. The Kathinanisamsa Dhammadesanaya was delivered in Nepali by Ven. Nepal Nigrodha Thero, Vice Chairman, Lumbini Development Trust, Nepal, in English by Ven  (Dr.) Deegalle Mahinda Thero, and in Sinhala by Uduwe Dhammaloka Thero.


Ven.Makure Mangala Nayaka Thero of the East London Buddhist Cultural Centre; Ven. Nepal Sujan Thero of the Varapunya Meditation Centre, Aberdeeen, Scotland; Ven. Ratmale Sarada Thero, Bingiriya Raja Mahaviharaya also participated in this ceremony.

The Kathina Ceremony concluded with the chanting of Karaniya Metta Sutta.


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