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Kathina Celebrations at Jethavana Vihara 2016
Press Release

Annual Kathina robe offering for the monks at Jathavana Buddhist Vihara in Birmingham was held with the participation of a huge gathering of devotees on 16th Sunday, October 2016. The ceremony had been gracefully organized under the guidance of the Most Venerable Keppetiyagoda Gunawansa Nayaka Thera, the head  both of Jethavana Vihara in Birmingham and Sri Sambuddha Vihara in Liverpool and the Chief Sanganayaka for Great Britain. Ven. Keppitiyagoda Gunawansa Thera,Ven. Mapalagama SorathaThera, Ven. Beragama Piyarathana Thero, Miwallawe Pannatissa Thero had observed the rain retreat at the Vihara this year.


The event started with the offering of Buddha Puja at 11.15am. There were Venerable monks present from various temples in Sri Lanka and United Kingdom at the ceremony including Ven. Pidiville Piyatissa Thero,the head monk of Kethumati Vihara,Manchester. Ven. Galpotyaye Pemananda Thero and Ven. Udunuwara Indarathana Thero.  Ven. Dodangoda Sumedha Thero from Leceister temple, Ven. Theldeniyaye Amitha thera Head Monk of Nottingham Shanti Buddhist Vihara, Ven. Palwatte Dhammananda Thero of Bristol Temple. Ven.Thissapura Sugatharathana Thero from Sri Sambuddha viharaya, Liverpool. Ven. Panamure Rahula Thero from Letchworth Temple.


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