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Kathina Ceremony at Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara
Press Release

The Annual Kathina Ceremony and Atavisi Buddha Puja were held at Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara under the patronage of Ven.Dr.Witharandeniye Kassapa head of the Vihara. There have been 11 monks for Kathina ceremony and main sponsors were Dr.Nanda and Dr.Mrs.Ranmalee Weerasooriya as well as many hundred of members of Maha Vihara. The Maha Vihara is offering "Punyanu Modana" or wishing good health and longlife for everybody who have supported by mentally, verbally and physically. There have been many devotees who have sent items via mailing system from abroad and thanks for them and transfer merits to departed relatives who have been supporting in various ways.


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