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Sri Lanka Muslim Association Slough (SLMA) Social Sports Day was a Great Success
Press Release

The inaugural Sri Lanka Muslim Association Slough UK Social Sports Day was a great success more than 1000 guest including children were present to enjoy the fun filled day which was held on Sunday the 29th May 2016 at  Boynehill Cricket Grounds in Maidenhead. The highlight of the day was the Tape Ball 7 a side Cricket Championship for the coveted SLMA Trophy 10 teams participated from all over United Kingdom right through out, it was nail biting finishes with high scoring games in the allotted 6 overs some teams even managed to score 109 runs and this will tell you the competitiveness of the games at the end Reading Boys and East-ham Boys came to the final and Reading won the hard fought final and were awarded the SLMA champions  trophy. The players were presented with medals by the Chief Guest Honourable Mayor of Slough  councillor Arvind Dhaliwa and Guest of honour Mr Ishthiyak Chaudhry Managing Director of Al Noor Foods Ltd. The honourable Mayor in his speech stress how well that SLMA are integrating with the British society and he throughly enjoy the evening which was well organised The Guest of Honour Mr Ishthiyak Chaudhry went on to say that Al Noor Foods Ltd; are very proud to sponsor the event of this nature giving the community great time to enjoy with their friends and families and he  assured SLMA sports committee can always count on Al Noor Foods in sponsoring the next event. A free raffle were given to each family and the winners went away with fabulous prizes such as 1 night stay at Marriott Hotel, 2 night stay at Antic Boutique Hotel in Sri Lanka and then came the 2 bumper Ramazan Hamper  worth 150/- each the winner just could not carry it away as it was too heavy to carry all in all there were 10 valuable prizes to take away.

It was the mouth watering Sri Lankan food which was made available at the stalls took every one by surprise you name it you had them all Hoppers, Egg Hoppers, Egg Roti, Kottu Roti, fried rice, lamb curry, variety of cakes, traditional fruits such as Jambola, pineapple, milk rice, patties, cutlets, Rolls, fish bun, beef Roti, BBQ stall was a choco block feature 150KG chicken went like hot cakes half the crowd were disappointed that they were too late to taste the mouth watering BBQ chicken of chef Amjad, Nazeer and azaad, cakes and sweets were in plenty.

The children had a gala time on the rides, bouncy castles face painting and the jungle bus gave them a day full of fun and plays. Track and field events were their for all age groups. Mummies and Daddies were very busy in the Tug war while children were cheering their parents that's not all fancy dress  was well choreographed and took the VIP's by surprise last not least the food stalls were a bargain all food from Syria to palatine Sri Lanka to Pakistan everything was a bargain and at the end of the event the sports committee namely Nazeer  Marzook

Anaz  jabbar, Thaslim. Aneez Hazeef Badurdeen, Azhar Arif did a magnificent job working night and day sleepless nights were in plenty with all odds against they produced a glorious event most can only dream-off.

They did it in style printed caps and T shirts for volunteers what not it was IPL style trust me take my word for it ... Congratulations to SLMA Sports Committee for the job well done. We Sri Lankan Muslims in slough salute you for making us all of us proud. Part of the credit too should go to the woman's committee headed Fahima who did there but to make this great event a great success. Faleel Marikkar was keeping a keen eye on the proceedings and made sure all events are on schedule specially cricket was played to the true spirit of the game and concluded on schedule.

There were plenty of stalls for every one to Ponder from food stalls to clothing Palestinian Olive-Oil to  Syrian Dates too were available at bargain prices Al Noor Foods too had a wonderful stall at a giveaway prices 1 Litre Mango Juice was selling like hot cakes.

A big thank you should go to all the sponsors namely Al Noor Foods Ltd; Terminal Parking, AR Exchange Ltd; La Kasbah Restaurant, Viking Cars Taxi Services and all the Sri Lankan Muslim brothers and sisters for their personal contributions.


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