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North London Vesak Celebrations
Press Release

Abhayarama Vidarshana Meditation Centre, Enfield successfully organized the Vesak celebrations for the third consecutive time under the guidance and supervision of Royal Pandith Ven. Panamure Thapassee Thero, the chief priest of the temple.

This Vesak programme was commenced by observing the eight precepts by number of devotees at Abhayarama temple on 22nd of May 2016. The day consisted of dhamma sermons, dhamma discussion, meditation programme and Atavisi Pooja. All these sessions were conducted by Royal Pandith Ven. Panamure Thapassee Thero, Mr. Sunil Kariyakarawana, the Buddhist chaplain to her Majesty's Forces at the Ministry of Defence and Mr. Aruna K. Gamage, the senior lecturer of department of Pali and Buddhist studies, University of Kelaniya.

As a part of the Vesak celebration, Vesak lantern competition and pandol display was held on 29th of May 2016 adding glamour and beauty to the event. Hundreds of lanterns were made by the students of Sri Sobhitha Dhamma School along with their parents and other devotees who were interested in joining to the competition.  An attractive Vesak pandol  linked with Deegithi Kosala Jathakaya was created and displayed by organizing committee  of temple with the support of number of  individuals.

The Vesak celebration for 2016 in north london was ended up with Vesak maha bath dansala and ice cream dansala with more than three hundred of people including srilankans and non-srilankan's participation. 


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