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Mahamevnawa Vesak Poya Day Dhamma Programmes in England and Ireland

Press Release

On the Vesak Poya day 21st of May 2016, hundreds of devotees attended Dhamma programmes organised by the six Mahamevnawa Meditation Centres across England and Ireland. They had the great opportunity to participate in various Dhamma programmes held in commemoration of the Three Great Events of the Blessed One Gautama.

At each of the Mahamevnawa Branches in Basildon, Stanmore, Uxbridge, Surrey, Warrington and Dublin, devotees observed the Nobel Eight Precepts throughout the day under the guidance of the resident Bhikkhus. They participated in many meritorious deeds such as; learning Dhamma, practicing meditation, offering various pōoja items to Lord Buddha, offering kīrī pīndu and Dana to Lord Buddha, chanting Sutta, venerating the Blessed One as well as the Seven Great Buddha of the aeon etc. A separate Children’s Dhamma programme was also conducted at the Mahamevnawa Basildon. The children observed the Noble Eight Precepts as well and took part in various Dhamma activates during the course of the day.

May everyone share the merits gained by these great deeds with joyous minds! May everyone be happy! May everyone attain the bliss of Nibbana!

Mahamevnawa Basildon Branch
Mahamevnawa Dublin Branch
Mahamevnawa Stanmore Branch
Mahamevnawa Surrey Branch
Mahamevnawa Uxbridge Branch

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