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2560th Anniversary of Vesak (Buddha Jayanthi) at Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara

Press Release

2560th  Wesak/Buddha Jayanthi celebration was held at Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara on 22nd Sunday of May 2016 under the able guidance of Ven.Dr.W.Kassapa head of Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara.  The event was held on both days on Saturday and Sunday where different nationalities attended keeping in minds physical and mental intention of spiritual life. (Amisa Puja and Prathipatthi Puja) 

The temple was fully decorated along with Wesak lanterns and Buddhist flags.  While some of devotees spent the day observing of 8 precepts while others organised free food distribution whole day. The day's significant event was young Buddhist of the Maha Vihara organised to light 10,000 candle lights in order to wish peace and good health for all living beings in entire universe as the only Buddhists are celebrating the Lord Buddha's thrice sacred day of his birth, enlightenment and passing away without harming even an insect as well as environment while many other religions celebrating their leaders' important events by killing and harming millions of innocent animals. 

Lighting of 10,000 candle lights in this way could be the first one in U.K. under religious ceremony. 

Also lighting of such lamps was to wish quick recovery of millions of innocent people who have been displaced or killed by heavy rain/flooding and landslides in Sri Lanka. May all being well and happy during this period and beyond.  

Photos and report by Ven.Dr.Mahamithawa Pannarathana thera

Deputy Head of the Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara


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