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Vesak Celebration Hethrow Athula Dassana International Buddhist Vihara 2016
Press Release - Pictures by Asanka Wanniarachige

Athula Dassana International Buddhist temple held on their wesak celebration successfully at the Heston Primary School, Heston, TW5 0RL on Saturday 21st May 2016. Wesak programme was organised by the temple under the guidance of the head of the temple Ven. Wanduramba Kassapa Thero. 

This is the public celebration of the three key events in the Buddha’s life that are traditionally considered to have taken place on the full moon of May. Lord Buddha's Birth, Entitlement and his Parinibbana.

The day arranged the sill programme for adult and children as started event to celebrate the wesak. The sill programme was guided by Ven. Wanduramba Kassapa Thero. It was built-in with meditation, dhamma discussion and other relative peogrammes. children sil programme, was successful and children engaged the seela and presented the documentary programme based on lord Buddha. Throughout the all day devotees of the temple and parents of dhamma school children given the great support for success the event.

After the Sil Programme, everyone enjoyed the competition of wesak lantans and Master Viyon Dharmasena who won the first price of the competition. second place and third places won by Chenata Liyanage and Piyumi Wannaku. They were re donated their prices for the people who suffered from the victims of flooding in Sri Lanka. Everyone had a opportunity for observe the Sarvagna Dhatu pradarshana (Exposition of Sacred Relics of the Lord Buddha)

In the evening time had a ' Nawa Arahadi Pooja' with a beautiful pavilion for highlighted the Lord Buddha's nine qualities. End of the programme Ven Wanduramba Kassapa given the thankful to all who supported for success the event and blessing to all who participated


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