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East London Buddhist Cultural Centre celebrated this year’s Vesak Poya day
Press Release

East London Buddhist Cultural centre celebrated this year’s Vesak Poya day on Sunday the 22nd May at the temple premises. Vesak Poya day included Sil programme for adults, Special Sil programme for children, Dhamma talk, Special Dhamma desana and Buddha puja.

Vesak lantern and poster competitions were also held among Sunday school children. This included various designs of colourful Vesak lanterns and hand drawn posters created by Sunday school children. Gifts were awarded to the winners of both competitions.

During this year’s Vesak programme funds were also raised to help the disastrous flood and landslide victims in Sri Lanka.  Due to the circumstances in Sri Lanka planned Vesak dansala was cancelled and the funds for the dansala were also set aside to help the flood and landslide victims.

Devotees from both Sri Lankan and Bangladesh community attended this religious event. Head of Vihara Makure Mangala Thero and other resident monks extend their heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended this event and to everyone who contributed for flood and landslide donations.    


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