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 Letchworth Buddhist Temple Celebrated 2016 Vesak

Press Release

Letchworth Buddhist temple celebrated Vesak on Saturday 21st May 2016 full moon day at the temple premises and  on Sunday 22nd May 2016 at St. Michaels Church, Letchworth Garden City.  The Sil Program (Retreat) was held on  Saturday 21st  with the guidance of  Ven. Sooriyawewa Kusala Thero. The day began with the observance of Astangha Seela by Upasaka, Upasikas (devotees) followed by meditation session.  Ven Dodangoda Sumedha Thero from Leicester Buddhist temple participated and delivered a special Dhamma sermon highlighting the importance to the devotees all over the world to celebrate Vesak on full moon day in May. The Maha Sangha conducted the afternoon Buddha Pooja and Mr. and Mrs. Nethaji Weliaka & family Mr and Mrs Perera offered Dhane (lunch) to Ven. Monks and Upasak Upasikas. In the afternoon Ven. Sooriyawewa Kusala Thero. carried out a Dhamma sermon and Dhamma discussion on Abhidhamma and ended the sil program at 4.00 p.m. A large turnout of devotees observed Sil.  

Vesak Celebration was held at St. Michaelís Church Hall, Letchworth on Sunday 22nd May 2016 from 3.00p.m. to 8.00p.m. Ven. Sooriyawewa Kusala Thero carried out the observance of the five precepts followed by a Dhamma sermon.  Ven. KusalaThero conducted the salutation to parents (Maupiyawandana) by the children chanting the stanza. Parents and friends of the BCCL organized a series of devotional songs (Bhakthi Geetha) sung by adults and children headed by Mr. Prasaj de Silva and supported by Mr Tharidu & Mrs. Chandi Bulathsinhala with music. The main attraction was a display of several beautiful Vesak lanterns and Vesak Greetings cards made by children. The day ended with a free food stall (dansala) organized and sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Dhammika and friends from Norwich and Mrs Chandani Dias & Friends.

All the events were well attended by Sri Lankans living in The UK and local residence. The Maha Sangha, The BCCL management committee members and the organizers wish to extend their appreciation to all those who attended the event and extending their support for making the events a great success.


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