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AGM of The Association of Sri Lankan Lawyers in the UK (ASLLUK) on 21 June 2016 at The Garden Court Chambers

Press Release

Annual General Meeting of the Association of Sri Lankan Lawyers in the UK held on 21st June 2016 at Garden Court Chambers, 57-60 Lincoln’s Inn Fields. London, WC2A 3LJ.

The President, Mr. Harendra De Silva QC chaired the meeting and welcomed those present. 

The attendance observed a two minutes silence in memory of untimely demise of the association’s past member, Miss. Tanoo Mylvaganam and the victims of recent flood in Sri Lanka.   

 A Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminar of three hours held for solicitors and barristers with three speakers. Barrister Eric Fripp and Barrister Zane  Malik made their presentations on Immigration while barrister John Gimlette made a very interesting talk on travels in Sri Lanka.

After having a delicious Sri Lankan buffet lunch  served by Sunil Jayaweera and his team, AGM commenced at 2.15 PM.  

Annual Report of the General Secretary for the year 2015/2016

The General Secretary, Mr. Wasantha Tennakoon presented the General Secretary’s Report and informed that it is both an honour and pleasure to present his report at this 13th AGM of ASLLUK. He said that he convened 6 executive committee meetings since he assumed duties as the General Secretary and informed that there had been great achievements during the past year. The events included;

-          the Law Medical Cricket Match in Harrow on 05/07/2015;

-          4 CPD seminars with 14 CPD points raising approx. £7,000;

-          11th Tsunami Reception on 20/11/2015;

-          donation of ‘CRRT machine’ to Anuradhapura General Hospital at the cost of approx. £12,380;

-          Christmas Party on 04/12/2015;

-          Real Legal Work Experience Programme;

-          Welcome Reception for Attorney General of Sri Lanka;


Mr. Tennakoon also informed that the association should encourage greater involvement from young lawyers and the association must work hard to attract younger members to join. He thanked all the members and others who supported him to organise those events during the year.


Annual Accounts (Years ended 31/03/2015 and Year ended 31/03/2016)

The Treasurer, Mr. Selvanayagam Sathanandan presented the Treasurer’s Report for the year 2015/2016 together with audited accounts prepared by ‘K.S.P. Accounting Solutions’ for the year ended 31/03/2015. He also presented the draft accounts for the period ending 31/03/2016 for (a) 12th AGM; (b) Law-Medical Cricket Match; (c) CPD Seminar at  Willis Group; (d) CPD Seminar at BPP University; (e) 11th Tsunami Reception ; (f) Christmas Party including the Income & Expenditure Account and the Balance Sheet as at 31/03/2016. 


He thanked to the members of ASLLUK for giving him an extended opportunity to serve as the Treasurer yet another year totalling 4 years in a row.


Election of Office Bearers and the Executive Committee

A list of names for election as ‘Office Bearers and members of the Executive Committee and Co-opted members’ listed and proposed by the Executive Committee was placed before the general membership for approval and election. The membership adopted the list and approved. The elected members are as follows;


-     President : Mr. Harendra de Silva QC

-     Vice Presidents:           1.   Mr. Lee Karu QC

                                         2.    Mr. Fritz Kodagoda

-     General Secretary: Mr. Wasantha Tennakoon

-     Deputy Secretary: Mr. Daminda K.G. Goonetillake

-     Treasurer: Mr. Selvanayagam Sathanandan

-     Deputy Treasurer: Mr. Janaka Siriwardene

-     Chairman of the Executive Committee : Mr. Abul Hassan

-     Chief Organiser: Mr. Ariya Sriharan  

-     Deputy Organiser: Mr. Shanthi Senadheera

-     Editor : Mr. Azize Chelliah

-     Deputy Editor  Mr. Frank Ilanchelian


·         Executive Committee:     

1.   Mr. Lalith De Kauwe

2.   Mr. Sam Methuen

3.   Miss. Surya Samaraweera

4.   Mr. Ganan Sivayoganathan

5.   Mr. Thambiah Thana Rajasingham

6.   Ms. Renuka Sriharan

7.   Mr. Kelum Gunarathna

8.   Ms. Chrishanthi Vincent

9.   Ms. Aswini Weeraratne QC

10. Mr. Adam Vaitilingam QC

11. Mr. Ruwan Warnapala

12. Mr. Sudesh Bopitiya


·           Co-opted Members:

1.   Ms. Parosha Chandran

2.   Ms. Manjula Patrick

3.   Mr. Kumudu Amaradasa


Ms. Kalaivani Gopalaratnam was nominated and elected as a co-opted member at the meeting.

‘CRRT Machine’ and release of funds for flood victims in Sri Lanka

It was agreed to release the necessary funds (ie. £12,380) to purchase the CRRT Machine for Anuradapura General Hospital from the ASLLUK’s funds.


It was also agreed by the membership to donate sum of £2,000 to the people who were affected by the recent floods in Sri Lanka via Bar Association of Sri Lanka.  

The event came to an end at 3.50pm after delivering Vote of thanks by the President, Mr. Harendra de Silva QC. The President welcomed newly elected members and thanked the members and others for the all the hard work they did to have the day’s event a success. 


Wasantha Tennakoon

General Secretary

Association of Sri Lankan Lawyers in the UK


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