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Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara Poson Program & Dansala
Press Release

The 2323rd Poson full moon day program was held at Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara under the able gauidance of Ven.Dr.W.Kassapa - head of the Vihara. It was a special arrangments by young Buddhists headed by Mr.Hirantha Kaluarachchi of Maha Vihara who came forward and organised this year's "Poson Full Moon day" program. The progaram was well organised, success and attended many members of Maha Vihara.

After the religious services the "Dansala" or free meals were served by organsers. Young Buddhist members of Maha Vihara (girls and boys) have got together and prepared meals for public. In this regards special thanks must go for young doctor couple Drs.Thisara and Erandi Weerasuriya from the city of Ayr in North Scotland who provided raw materials via Amason parcel services including rice, lentils, sugar, coriander etc. for Poson puja and Dansala as well as Mr.Hirancha Kaluarachchi. 

You all may be well and happy many more years to come.
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