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Hounslow  Janahanda Foundation Meets New Mayor of London Mr Sadiq Khan

Press Release
The representatives of Hounslow Janahanda Foundation met New Mayor of London Mr Sadiq Khan, a day before London Mayoral election was held. Janahanda foundation representatives raised the questions of how he would provide affordable housing, transport infrastructure and fares.
Mrs.Seema Malhothra, shadow chief secretary to treasury and MP for Hounslow and Feltham facilitated for this meeting.
Mr Sadiq Khan, new mayor of London is the most powerful Muslim politician in the Europe. He has launched an extraordinary attack on David Cameron and his defeated opponent, Zac Goldsmith, accusing them trying to turn different ethnic communities against each other to stop him winning the poll. Khan said prime minister and Goldsmith deployed tactics “straight out of the Donald Trumpet playbook” a reference to the anti-Muslim campaign by Republican presidential candidate in America.
The election of Mr Sadiq Khan as the Mayor of London who hails from an ethnic minority background and a son of a Pakistani bus driver, he brought up in a council estate, set a great example to most of back warded racists. London a metropolitan city, is a home for many minority communities living in peace and harmony.
In his victory speech, he remarked his origin and said he never imagined that “someone like me could be elected as mayor of London”, he further asserted that he wants everyone to get the opportunities that London gave to him.
The representatives of Janahanda Foundation in the UK who attended the meeting with Mr Sadiq Khan were Mr Srilal Dias, the president of the Foundation, Mr. Nandana Weerarathna, senior journalist and a writer,Mr.Sugath Senevirathna, the secretary to the foundation and Mr. Gamini Nissanka.

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