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'North London Surya Mangalya 2016'  by Abhayarama Vidarshana Meditation Centre
Press Release

The third successive Sinhala Tamil new year festival called 'North London Surya Mangalya 2016' was held on 16th of April 2016 at St. Michael's Primary School, Enfield with over 300 of people's participation. This was organized by the srilankan community of Abhayarama Vidarshana Meditation Centre, Enfield under the guidance, supervision and direction of chief priest, royal pandith rev. Panamure Thapassee Thero. 

The main event was divided into two parts as for outdoor games and indoor cultural event. Various srilankan traditional games were held during the day time with active participation of many children and adults and North London New Year cultural show was taken place in the evening time adding beauty, glamour and colours to the whole event. Mr. Aruna Keerthi Gamage, Senior Lecturer of University of Kelaniya participated as the chief guest of this event and gave contribution in many ways to succeed this elegant event.


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