Tsunami remembrance ceremony held at Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara

Press Release

As we have announced few days ago that "tsunami" remembrance ceremony was held at Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara along with members from Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara branches in Leicester Dharmasoka Buddhist Vihara and Stoke on Buddhist Vihara. The main program was sponsored by Mr.Sanath and Mrs.Syamali Badalge along with two daughters and son. There have been over 200 people gathers and lighted 1000 lamps in order to pay respect tsunami victims.

The disaster of tsunami was happened on 26/12/2004 and during the period thousands of our members, British Government as well as BBC Television station given us huge support to our mission where we have sent two hundred million Rupees as well as 40 feet 12 containers to Sri Lanka and neighbouring countries where effected by tsunami disaster where two hundred thirty thousand people perish along with millions of animals in Asian region 15 years ago.