North London Poson Celebrations 2017

  • Press Release

For the fourth consecutive year, North London Poson Celebration was organized by Abhayarama Vidarshana Meditation Centre (AVMC), Enfield. This event was highly successful with the guidance and advice of Royal Pandit Rev. Panamure Thapassee Thero, Chief incumbent of AVMC and Rev. Wariyapola Dhammagaveshi Thero who is residing in the centre these days.

The chief guest of the event was Honourable Mayor Madam Christine Hamilton from Enfield Council who lighted up the candle to open up this ceremony and later, deliver a speech for gathering.

The day was colourful with the Bhakthi Geetha sung by children from Sri Sobhitha Sunday School and adults from Abhayarama Meditation Centre. Over three hundred of people participated for this year North London Poson Celebration and, it was finished with the rice and roasted bread dansela organized by AVMC.​