Wesley College OBU {UK} Founders’ Day Service

  • Press Release

A warm bright spring morning vied with the appealing elegant simplicity of the Ealing Green Methodist Church to lift up our hearts in reflection - our thoughts upon twenty-five years of solid progress since the formation of our union in the United Kingdom. We felt, tangibly in our hearts, a sense of profound respect for those first batch of old boys of Wesley who took that bold initiative in 1992.

Simply walking towards the calming elegance of the Methodist Church, it dawned on us that that all those passing decades have, far from enfeebling, enriched our memories of our dear school in the fullest measure.

We were gathering to pay homage to the indefatigable energy and dedication of the founders of Methodist heritage and generations of teachers and staff at Wesley who gave so much to so many thousands, on so little coin for so long.

On 2 March 1874, Wesley College was founded at Dam Street, Pettah, Sri Lanka. We reminisced how, the unremitting dedication of those who shaped our lives enabled the school to survive even through the dire crisis of the 1960’s.

We joined in the morning service with the local community – itself matching Wesley in their rich tapestry of ethnic diversity from across the globe.

The informal lunch that followed was fodder for long overdue meetings of hearts and mates, of class and team, who had lost each other over long decades. It was all a warm fraternity, of friend and family, bound by one fraternal band.

So many members renewed their membership and several converted to life membership too. We were inspired by the tangible sensation in our hearts that we are, after all these long years, still at Wesley and that we never left Wesley – far more a state of mind than merely a school!!

We are resolved do it again next year!


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